The Crypt Tea Room is Permanently Closed.


For more than 20 years, the many volunteers at the Crypt Tea Room have been serving up home-made treats to visitors from around the world. Thousands of tourists and locals have made the Crypt Tea Room a summer destination in the heart of downtown St. John's.


We are deeply grateful for those many volunteers and for the many people who have visited the Crypt Tea Room over the years. We also acknowledge and give thanks for the wonderful relationships which have been forged through the Tea Room and the ministry opportunities it has provided.


However, after many discussions over the past couple of years, we have decided that the Crypt Tea Room will not re-open.


We plan to explore new opportunities and create new memories for volunteers and visitors to the Cathedral in the years to come.


Again, thank you to all those who supported the Crypt Tea Room over the past 20+ years!