One of the great joys of being a Parish Priest is to welcome children into Christ's flock through the Sacrament of Baptism! 


Baptism is not the giving of a name to a child, rather it is the gift of God's Grace and Love through the ancient Sacrament of water and prayer. Also, Baptism can be for children or for adults, but it is only given once to each person.


Baptism is also a Rite of Initiation into the family of God, therefore, as a rule, Baptism takes place during the main Sunday services, at  11:00 a.m., when the community gathers for worship.


Normally, there will be a Baptism service once each month, depending on demand and circumstances.


If you are interested in having your child Baptized, or being Baptized yourself, please contact the Cathedral Office and one of the Clergy will connect with you to make arrangements.


We look forward to celebrating this wonderful Sacrament with you!


Another of the great joys in ministry is  to join two people together with God's Blessing through the Sacrament of Marriage!


"Marriage is a gift of God and a means of his grace." (Book of Alternative Services)


It is our privilege to administer this sacrament, conferring God's grace on a couple blessed with love for each other. 


Any couples who are legally permitted to be married in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, can request to be married here at the Cathedral. In other words, we welcome and celebrate with same-sex couples, just as we do with male-female couples.


If you are interested in being married at the Cathedral, there are two documents you need to proceed. First is the Wedding Regulations for the Cathedral, which will answer many questions you may have; the second is the Wedding Information Form, which serves as our application. This Form will need to be completed and returned to the Cathedral Office before any date can be booked. If you have any further questions, please contact the Cathedral Office and someone will connect with you to answer your questions.


We look forward to celebrating with you!